To juxtapose what you have found (2018)

Installation piece containing inkjet prints, PVC, aerated concrete, laundry racks, clothes rack, clear film, fibreboard, aluminium, plexiglass, television screens, cables, glue clamps, and tie wraps.

To juxtapose what you have found is an installation containing ready-made objects, texts and photographic works. Tactile, physical objects are placed in a room together with their transformed, flat representations. In an almost doctrinarian manner, I categorise by photographing, layering and placing, and search for the strange friction between the functioning and the functionless, categorization and disorder, the enumerated and the fragmented. My subjects are naked structures, the infrastructure of information and the - usually ignored and polished off - foundations of spatial systems.

The fragments are respectively titled Juxtapose what you have found, Infrastructure #1 to #8, Untitled (absence), Astra 19,2°O, Manifestations, Dissection / don’t drown, Structures and Neutralize everything.